The Measure of a Man–Review/Recommendation

What do you see when you picture a man in a suit?  I imagine that everyone has a formative idea of what a suit should look like, whether inspired by a fashion magazine, an iconic movie character, or a family member.   A man in a suit seems like such an ubiquitous manifestation, but if we were to compare all of our mental images, quite a lot of variations would begin to emerge.

If you are curious about how the modern suit evolved, sociological implications at various stages of this evolution, and tidbits on the industry of bespoke tailoring—Listen to The Measure of a Man by J.J. Lee!  This recording was made in 2007 for CBC Radio’s Ideas, and he has since then published a book that continues along this same vein.  Also titled The Measure of a Man, this book is a 2012 nominee for the Charles Taylor Prize for Non-Fiction and a 2011 Governor General’s Literary Award Finalist for Non-Fiction, published by McClelland and Stewart.